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Industrial UV

Carbon Block

EWP UV sterilizer offers the most reliable and efficient Ultraviolet technology available for destroying or neutralizing microorganisms in water. Based on modern epidemic prevention science, optics, mathematics, biology and physics, the modern ultraviolet C sterilizing technology employs the strong ultraviolet rays emitted from the Band C ultraviolet generator that is designed with high efficiency, strength and durability to irradiate the flowing water and kill bacteria in it.

The ultraviolet C sterilizing technology features not only the highest efficiency of all the existing techniques but also easy and cheap use and maintenance. It costs only RMB0.0004 or even less to sterilize each ton of water on a scale of 1,000 tons. Therefore, its cost-effectiveness is also the highest of all the sterilizing techniques. It has the incomparable high efficiency and lost cost of use as well.


Technical Information

Power - 225 - 2090 Watt 

Flow - 12 - 150 m3/h 

Material -304 or 316L Stainless Steel


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