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Residential & Commercial UV

Carbon Block

Ultraviolet is able to inactivate pathogens such as giardia and cryptosporidium, which are chlorine-resistant.

No disinfection byproducts are generated with UV, such as carcinogenic Trihalomethanes, and it is a safer option for the operator and the community than chlorine gas, which is toxic if released.

UV has a significantly lower carbon footprint versus chlorine, as well as a smaller physical footprint due to shorter contact time.

Technical Information

Power - 6 - 225 Watt

Flow - 4 - 200 l/min

Material - 304 and 316 Stainless Steel


Stock Models

Code Description Request
PRO-024 UP UV reactor, 39Wx2, 80-96 l/min, 1"FNPT in/out, 304SS, 220V/50Hz
PRO-01P UP UV reactor, 6Wx1, 3-4 l/min,1/4"FNPT in/out, PC housing, 304SS chamber, 220V/50Hz
PRO-02 UP UV reactor, 14Wx1, 6-8 l/min, 1/4"FNPT in/out, 304SS, 220V/50Hz
PRO-06 UP UV reactor, 24Wx1, 16-20 l/min, 1/2"FNPT in/out, 304SS, 220V/50Hz
PRO-08 UP UV reactor, 32Wx1, 23-30 l/min, 1/2"FNPT in/out, 304SS, 220V/50Hz
PRO-012 UP UV reactor, 39Wx1, 48-56 l/min, 3/4"FNPT in/out, 304SS, 220V/50Hz

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