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Manual Valves

Carbon Block

Manual filter and softener valves are the economical alternative of automatic control valves and let you rinse, backwash or regenerate as needed.  Corrosion proof ceramic internals provide reliable sealing and a long service life.

For softener valves feed water is automatically shut off during regeneration.  The ejection nozzle self cleans to prevent blockage.  The softener valve can also function as a filter valve

Technical Information

In/Out - 1"and 2"

Mount Base - 2.5" and 4"

Material - ABS


Stock Models

Code Description Request
F56A1 Manual Filter control valve, 1" in/out, 2.5" mount, HLO, black ABS
F56D1 Manual Filter control valve, 2" in/out, 4" mount, HWO, black ABS
F64A1 Manual Softener control valve, 1" in/out, 2.5" mount, HWO, black ABS

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