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SWRO System

Carbon Block

SWRO M series seawater desalination systems are designed for high output water requirements with minimum electric power consumption. These efficient models cover the range of 0.5m3/h to 10m3/h. At the heart of the systems is the attention to every detail in our innovative designs, choice of high quality materials and relentless refinement. If you are looking for highest standard and cost effective seawater desalination systems, EWP is your first choice to work with.

Technical Information

Key features

  •    Modular configuration
  •    Compact physical dimensions
  •    Low electrical consumption
  •    Outstanding reliability with superior quality components
  •    Completed assembled-all components are delivered in a complete assembled state

Typical installations

  •    Offshore oil rigs
  •    Work camps
  •    Oceanfront resorts
  •    Marinas
  •    Residences
  •    Cruise ships



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