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Hydra-Cell pumps

Carbon Block
When we say “Simply built to last”, we mean it!
Wanner Engineering Hydra-Cell pumps have proven their performance and reliability in some of the toughest industrial
equipment and process applications. Hydra-Cell pumps handle the “miserable” fluids that destroy other pumps.
pumps handle a lot more than just clean water!

Seal-less compact design, durability and simplicity make Hydra-Cell pumps the optimum choice for handling seawater or
high TDS fluid with the capacity up to 8m3/h.

Hydra-Cell design Advantages
lPositive displacement with smooth, low pulse output
lHeavy-duty industrial construction for long service life in harsh conditions
lHydraulically-balanced, unstressed diaphragms
lWide range of flow and pressure ranges
lRepeatable, accurate output is ideal for metering, dosing
lSeal-less design
lMinimal maintenance; no cups packing or seals
lWide choice of pump materials of construction for pump heads, diaphragms and valves assemblies
lLow repair costs

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