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Residential RO

Carbon Block

These systems with 5 or 6 stages feature a high quality booster pump, high performance membrane, and quick connect fittings.  These push fit connections reduce installation time.

Available with or without UV disinfection, these units will provide tap water of the highest purity and eliminate the need to buy bottled water at the shops.

Technical Information

Configuration - 5 or 6 stage purification

Pump - included as standard

Resevoir - 3.2 gal diaphragm tank


Stock Models

Code Description Request
ROX550P RO system, 5 stage, with pump, 50GPD, 12L diaphram tank
ROX575P RO system, 5 stage, with pump, 75GPD, 12L diaphram tank
ROXUV650P RO system, 6 stage, with pump and uv, 50GPD, 12L diaphram

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