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Carbon Block

Carbon Block

Made from a choice of coconut shell, or coal derived granular activated carbon (GAC), these filters are highly effective at removing sources of bad taste and odour, such as volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and chlorine.

The service life of the C-series filters is greatly extended by an outer layer of 10-15µm non-woven polypropylene pre-filtration media supported by netting.

Technical Information

Diameter - Standard 2.5" and Big Blue 4.5"

Length - 10" and 20"

Retention - 1, 5, 10, and 20µm ratings


Stock Models

Code Description Request
EPCTO1005C Carbon block filter element, 2.5"x10", 5µm, coal based
EPCTO1010C Carbon block filter element, 2.5"x10", 10µm, coal based
EPCTO2005C Carbon block filter element, 2.5"x20", 5µm, coal based
EPCTOBB1005C Carbon block filter element, 4.5"x10", 5µm, coal based
EPCTOBB2005C Carbon block filter element, 4.5"x20", 5µm, coal based
EPCTOBB2010C Carbon block filter element, 4.5"x 20" 10µm, coal based

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