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Granular Carbon

Carbon Block

Made from a choice of coconut shell or coal derived granular activated carbon (GAC), these filters are highly effective at removing sources of bad taste and odour, such as chlorine and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

An internal expansion pad minimises chanlling and a 20µm non-woven post filter retains carbon fines and other particles.

These are single use cartridges.

Technical Information

Diameter - Standard 2.5"

Length - 10" and 20"

Construction - Single Use


Stock Models

Code Description Request
EPGAC10SC Granular Activated Carbon filter element, 2.5"x10", single use, coal based
EPGAC20SC Granular Activated Carbon filter element, 2.5"x20", single use, coal based
AICROT33 Inline post carbon filter, 2"x10", 1/4"FNPT, coal based

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