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Cartridge Filter FRP

Carbon Block

Fibreglass cartridge filter housings from Enceladus offer superior corrosion resistance to stainless steel, and their light weight makes them easier to handle and install.

Manufactured in accordance with ASME section 10 (class 1), these patent pending housings operate at pressures up to 17 bar with flow rates ranging from 12 m3/h to 334 m3/h while accommodating standard 2½” elements

Technical Information

Flow - 12 - 334 m3/h

Pressure - 10 bar standard, 17 bar option

Configuration - 5, 12, 22 and 60 elements


Stock Models

Code Description Request
ECH5-2.5-30DOE-2VE150 EN Cartridge filter housing, FRP, 5x 30" element, EPDM seal, 2"in/out
ECH22-2.5-30DOE-4VE150 EN Cartridge filter housing, FRP, 22x30"element. EPDM seal, 4" in/out

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