Albert Sone is the founder and the sole owner of EWP-China who is also the majority  owner of EWP-USA based in Jacksonville, Florida. Mr.Sone  has formed local partnership in Malaysia and South Africa to further the global market for EWP’s products. 

Mr.Sone started his career in 1986 by working for the largest manufacturer of  water coolers andresidential RO systems in Taiwan as a manager responsible for international business. In 1990,recognizing an opportunity to distribute US-made products in Taiwan, he approached a local  investor and formed a venture to represent Filmtec RO membranes from Dow Chemical. Based on the success of this product line, he expanded the product offering to all parts,  components and chemicals for residential, commercial, industrial and municipal applications.

In 1996, Mr.Sone joined Structural Group  and established local offices in Taiwan, China and Australia as Managing Director. He set up distribution networks throughout the Asia Pacific and theproduct lines included Structural pressure tanks, CodeLine RO housings and WellMate hydro-pneumatic tanks.  He  was promoted to Vice President of Sales & Marketing for all Pentair water products in Asia after the acquisition of Structural group in 1999. He resigned from Pentair and started EWP group in 2004.

EWP’s mission is to provide a comprehensive service for international customers  in the waterarena together with fabricating state-of-the-art packaged and customized RO systems.  EWP has also built strategic alliances to develop domestic desalination projects in China. Partners include Inge and Butting (Germany),  Arflu (Spain), Neotech and ERI (USA). Albert Sone’s vision is to build upon EWP’s strong foundation of diverse cultures and respect to all stake holders, to become a truly globalized company.