Manual softener valve



  • High-quality and non-corrosive raw material and sealing technology ensures long service life and reliability

  • Reasonable fluid design ensures smooth cycle of service/rinse/backwash

  • Automatic cleansing of ejection nozzle 

  • When softening function is not needed, ejection nozzle can be of water purification application

Design Parameters

  • Controller model: Manual

  • Operation pressure: 0.1-0.6Mpa

  • Operation water temperature: 5-45°C

Technical Parameter

  • Inlet/outlet: 2” M

  • Drain: 2”M

  • Riser pipe: 1.5”OD

  • Base: 4” 8NPSM

  • Brine Tank Connection: 1/2” M

  • Water Capacity: 10 t/h

  • Tank Diameter Range for Softening systems: 10”-30”


  • Residential water softening and purification system

  • Boiler softening system 

  • Pre-treatment system of RO system 

  • Filteration equipment for swimming pool 

  • Ion exchange equipment 

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